Rabu, 09 November 2016

During the century

During the century just passed, many have crawled from the rubble of ruins, from the trenches of war and from a world shattered by calamity, and yet found the strength to start over again. Heroes all.  Others have faced illness or accident, loneliness or loss, and yet not lost courage.  Heroes, no less.We strive and toil. We try and try again, even in the face of adversity, until one day Fortune will smile.In "Live, Laugh & Learn" the author relives her adventurous life, growing up in Europe during the Hitler years, hiding in a remote mountain cabin, fleeing from the Russians and coming to this country on a Fulbright scholarship, when life takes many colorful turns — marriage and children,  adventures at sea and in the air, divorce, back to school and work, cancer, friends and recovery;  told with a great zest for life.

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